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 Foot SPA & Massage


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy circulates inside human body through a network of passages, which is called meridian. The nodes of the  network to distribute energy are acupuncture points. keeping energy to flow smoothly is the key for physical and mental wellness. Fatigue and injuries would block energy circulation. Prolonged energy blockages. which usually occur at acupuncture points, will cause physical subheathy status, stress, pain, and chronicle diseases. A well trained healer can locate the energy blockages, and then use his/her hands to stimulate those points, release blockages, and finally get energy re-flow. The related symptoms like stress and pain will naturally go away. this is how Chinese bodywork or massage works for therapeutic purposes.Reflexology uses the similar principle, but focuses on stimulating foot to promote wellness of human being.

Foot SPA and Massage provides the local community with the about natural healing treatment.

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 Natural Healing Treatment
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